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The main objective of the TIA Summit 2017 was to bring together urban stakeholders for building smart cities in India through knowledge sharing and mutual collaborations. There were over 150 participants including city representatives, smart city solution providers, start-ups, foreign experts, trade commission representatives and other urban stakeholders. The sessions provided attendees to interact with one another in informative and informal settings, to promote in-depth technical interactions, exchange of opinions, and networking.

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Seeking a holistic approach to a green, clean, carbon neutral and efficient resource & waste management model for cities, the speakers presented and discussed feasible frameworks and innovative solutions that balance resource needs and productivity indices of the city.

The session explored the creation of digital urban spaces, seamless and efficient mobility systems, integrated city management platforms and connected vehicle solutions.

Global growth in urbanization worldwide has tipped over the 50% mark of total world population and in this context creates structural challenges that influence cities and their security. As this trend rises - keeping the city safe and secure for all the diverse groups is critical to sustain a healthy social balance.The session saw offerings from MNCs and start-ups for safer cities.

Forward-looking cities recognize the value of acting as consumers of innovation. Opening up procurement to new businesses can simultaneously bring more effective solutions for cities and provide entrepreneurs with a test bed to validate their products and services.

The great challenge that policy makers and economists have always faced is to ensure equity and justice, as growth and productivity rise. This session explored strategies to ensure that the urban poor and marginalized have access to resources and opportunities in the smart cities of the future.

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